Becoming a company that sparkles like a jewel

As a general manufacturer of compressors, we have always aimed to undertake new challenges and grow. Based on the concept of “From the depth of the sea to the land and outer space”, we have responded to demands from a wide range of industries. Our marine compressors are highly praised in Japan and overseas for their high quality and long life in ships, and have supported safe and stable navigation for many years. In recent years, we have also played a vital role and been actively involved in offshore industry developments, including oil and gas. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel ships and domestic co-generation systems, which have come to attention as global warming and environmental problem countermeasures, are also produced with our company’s compressor know-how.

In order to be fully ready to meet increasing compressor needs, we built a new factory in Nagoya in 2018. The new production line, which supports the increase in size and functionality of products, has greatly increased our production capacity.
In addition to revamping our production line, the new factory also takes care of the ease of work of its employees. With workplace welfare facilities to promote communication between workers, free-address offices, and air conditioning facilities inside the factory, it embodies “TANABE is for the people” and has become an active base for making the most of people’s talents.

We are looking forward to our 100-year anniversary in 2021. Continuing with “sincerity”, “technology”, “passion", “essence of Tanabe” and the technology and knowledge cultivated over 100 years as a company, we will keep growing to be part of our customer’s businesses.


Managing Director & CEO