GB series Advantages

This module is best suited as an assist gas (N2) pressure booster for the Laser processing machine. Packaging structure and uncomplicated operation feature in this model. Both air-cooled and water-cooled are equipped with a highly efficient cooling device, and thus makes continuous operation possible. Regarding air-cooled, both inlet and output gas tanks are installed as modular equipment inside the package, which makes this module all-in-one type.

Maintenance-free for three years

Maintenance schedule is as follows; For water-cooled, every 8,000 hours of operation, and for air-cooled, every 5,000 hours of operation.

Reduced by 40% to 60% (Compared to our existing products)

Packaging type and easy to install

Daily inspection of oil and other elements can be easily performed from the front door.

Control panels (various switches and signal lights etc.) are gathered together in front.

Installation Flow Chart: Best suited as an assist gas pressure booster for Laser processing machine

GB Series/Inside of the Package

TANABE is the only company that is able to provide an All-In-One package type compressor. Downsized body reduces the installation space by 40% to 60% (Compared with our existing products). Also, by adopting the multistage layout, maintainability has improved.

GB Series Specifications chart