With conventional container cleaning machinery, the standard way of workpiece conveyance was, to move them in only one direction. However, when work efficiency and space utilization are considered, the best method is the endless style, to load and unload workpieces from one place.

Maximum container size:720×420×250H

The endless cleaning method automates a sequence of steps, from cleaning to pre-drying, thus allowing significant improvement in work efficiency.

Pre-drying is done by warm air blown from ring blower in the machinery.

By inverter control, cycle time is freely adjusted depending on the contamination of target workpiece. It sees to it that the best balance between cleanliness and the number of workpieces processed is achieved.

It will not take up any extra space for installation; since the structure of this machinery allows container to be carried in its upright position. Thus, more choices in locations for installation are there.

To promote the cleaning efficiency, the cleaning solvent is heated to 60 degree. No danger of overheating, since temperature control is automated by thermostat.

Mistresa is equipped as Standard equipment, which discharges steam efficiently.

※(1)Oil skimmers and (2)bag filters are available as options.

Desorption is done in one-touch, thus it is possible to clean 120 to 240 workpieces per hour.

The steam that is discharged while cleaning and drying is reduced by going through the Mistresa.

Cleaning Workflow

Adopted an endless style, that automatically performs a series of workflow, “cleaning → air blow (OP) → drying”.

CTF-700 Specification Chart