SP Series (Hybrid Compressor) Advantages

Recognizing the heightened public awareness of the environmental and health issues, we have developed a totally new compressors, under the banner,People / Object/Environment-Friendly, right from the conception and design stage. The solution to this challenge was, TWO-IN-ONE(Hybrid).

The screw type compressor has the advantage of both energy saving and low noise level, while performing in low pressure. Whereas the reciprocating type compressor performs in high pressure and yet has room to improve in certain matters like noise and cost of maintenance. TANABE has joined these two types of compressors together, thus managing to eliminate the disadvantages, while enhancing the advantages. This is a totally new type of compressor-the HYBRID type!

Reciprocating + Screw / Hybrid Type

Adopting the screw type in one-stage has enabled us to realize high efficiency, which leads to energy-savings of up to 15%. (Compared to our existing products) This means, if the compressor is operated for 4000 hours per annum, the saving will amount to 120,000kW.

Compared to the reciprocating type, the screw type lasts longer before overhaul is required, and thus will reduce the cost of maintenance. Together with the power saving, yearly expense will be greatly reduced.

By incorporating the screw type compressor, this module has made both noise and vibration far less than the conventional machines. In addition, by setting vibration proof mount rubber inside the soundproofing package, we have reduced the sound level down to approximately 75dB.

Comparison of the Performance Cost

Air Cleaning System ? Compressed Air that is Clean and Dry

The Air Cleaning System to match the environment that requires a higher grade of clean air is available as an option. This attachment will make cleaner compressed air.

Clean Air

Different filters of various filtration grades are connected. They remove dust larger than 0.01μm and oil smaller than 0.02g/Nm3.

Dry Air

By using the high pressure air dryer, dew-point + below 10℃(bellow pressure) is realized.

SP series Specifications chart

SP series Principal Sizes