Founded April, 1921
Capital ¥60,000,000
Representative Representative Director: Teru Tanabe
Industry Design, development and manufacture of compressors and compressor devices
Employees 154 (21 Engineers)
Location Headquarters 15-24 Naganohigashi, Suita-city, OSAKA-Pref 565-0816
Nagoya Factory Post-no 485-0045 1-1 Kawanishi, Komaki-city, Aichi-prefecture

The Management Principle

Our objective is to become an Enterprise like a Brilliant Gem

Since founded in 1921, we have devoted ourselves intently in manufacturing Compressors. It is easy to say, that we make contributions in every aspect of society. However, we aim to be an eco-friendly company by holding high technology and advancement in the field of development, design, and manufacture with the motto "from the deep sea to the universe", and also serve our customers, vendors, and employees with their best interest at heart through product excellence.

Representative Director: Akira Tanabe

With the slogan of QCD:Q(Quality)C(Cost or Price)D(Date of delivery/Date of agreemen)+S(Service), all employees will keep challenging the difficult work and the task of new creation and development, in order to achieve our objective mentioned above.

The Policy for Quality


1.1 Our aim is to be an enterprise like a brilliant gem by providing the customer satisfying products, that is, to serve the society by providing efficient, safe and reliable products. To achieve this objective, we will continually improve the effectiveness of QMS (Quality Management System) and meet the trust of our customers.

1.2 All employees will at all times tackle the task of securing and improving the quality of all products and aspects of our operations including marketing, research and development, planning and developing the products, supply, manufacture, distribution, sales, and service.