TANABE Pneumatic Machinery CO., as represented in the name, has been in business as an exclusive maker of Air, Gas compressors and cleaning machineries for over eighty-eight years and thus was able to meet the demands of various industrial fields. The marine compressor has especially become our core business, and we have delivered high-pressure compressors to large and medium size ships built all over the world, and ocean vessels of the Ministry of Defense.

Making the best use of the skills we have cultivated in building the Marine Compressors, we are also widely patronized by customers as"High-Pressure TANABE" in the field on shore. Moreover, since ecology is required on a global scale today, TANABE will make good use of our longtime expertise and meet the needs of our time such as "Reduction of environmental impact"and"High-quality air".

Intended Purpose of Usage

Air/Gas Compressors

Marine: For Engine starter/internal control/incidental tasks/LPG gas pumping/resources and geological survey

On shore: For PET blow molding/gas tight and pressure test /generator for emergency use/various gas recovery/Breathing apparatus air charge/control/various air types and high-low gas booster /factory facilities

Cleaning Machines

For cleaning various machine parts /various containers/rubber mold/deionized water


ISO related Qualifications

Products/service Range: Design, development and manufacturing of compressors and compressor devices

Ships Class related Qualifications

DNV(Norway ship classification standards) MSA(MANUFACTURING SURVEY ARRANGEMENT)
Approval of Manufacturers of NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)
BV(French ship classification standards) ModelⅡ Survey Scheme

High Pressure Gas related Qualifications

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
The registration center of the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan Machinery types: B,E,F,M,N,O,Z

On Land Machinery related Qualifications

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd Takasago Machinery works Approval (Air compressor/Gas compressor)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd Kobe Dockyard Approval(Compressor equipments)

One-Off style

The central way of manufacturing compressors is "made-to-order". It begins with a careful hearing of customer's requests, making a presentation and then a final draft of specifications discussed. After receiving an order, we draw up a delivery plan, make arrangements for purchasing parts, supervise the manufacturing process, install the completed product and attend test working. Also, after the delivery, we support our customers by providing fine maintenance and repair which is greatly appreciated.

A Verified Technology in the deep sea and the universe

Since ecology is required on a global scale today, TANABE will make good use of our longtime expertise and meet the needs of our time such as "Reduction of environmental impact"and"High-quality air".

The Universe:

One of our compressors is adopted in relation to H-2 rocket (at the Tanegashima Space Center). This machinery compresses helium gas which is required when supplying fuel to the rocket engine.

On shore:

For the on shore usage, we offer air and gas compressors of various usages which reflect the technologies developed in manufacturing marine compressors. We manufacture a wide range of products, such as drinking water Pet bottle/cosmetic containers molding, laser beam machine nitrogen booster, apparatus air charge for firemen and divers use, for descaling in iron manufacture assembly line at steel works, and for factory equipment use. We also manufacture and sell industrial cleaners which are made for cleaning metal parts or plastic containers.


The world standard TANABE marine air compressors are made for large ships and special ships that navigate the sea around the world, thus we have gained the strong confidence of our customers. We are proud of having delivered more than seven hundred units to the Ministry of Defense, for their escort ships and the like. In cooperation with manufacturers abroad, air gun compressors are installed in the research ships of resources and geology.

Deep sea:

A TANABE air compressor is installed on "YOKOSUKA", a support ship of a manned research submarine "SHINKAI 6500". The Air compressors for levitation use are also installed on submarines owned by Ministry of Defense.